We exist to explore God's heart through stories of migration.


We believe that the Bible's stories are our stories, and that through the exploration of these stories we can come to a greater understanding of how Christians can positively and proactively respond to the migration crisis in our world today.



In June 2019, Mygration Christian Conference was founded in Boston, MA. The conference was born out of a desire to see thoughtful and faithful engagement on what the Bible says about immigration from a Christian perspective. By exploring the stories of migration in the Bible and how those stories can inform, challenge, and empower immigrant communities, this two day conference featured Christian scholars, pastors, community leaders with the experience of working in immigrant communities for the purpose of equipping Christians to understand and respond to migration crisis in our world today.

In 2020, Mygration Christian Conference transitioned its summer conference online due to the Covid pandemic. This was in fact a blessing for the conference, as the new online format opened up new opportunities to invite Christians from all across the nation into the conversation about what the Bible says on immigration. Today, Mygration Christian Conference continues to exist as on online conference each summer, along with educational webinars and resources throughout the year. Our hope is to return to an in-person/online hybrid conference in the summer of 2023. 




Founder & Director

A second-generation Latino, our founder is a PhD student at Boston University, a professor of theology and ethics, and the director of the Migration Crisis Initiative for the Church of God. Daniel is committed to empowering immigrant communities through ministry, scholarship, and social engagement.



Logistics Coordinator

A first-generation college graduate, Paula completed her BA in Mathematics and MEd in Education. Born in Colombia and raised in Massachusetts, Paula is a photographer and 7th grade math teacher who is dedicated to blazing trails, sparking voices, and inspiring potential in the lives of her BIPOC students.