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Hearing God's Word on Immigration

With so many people around the globe migrating, how should Christians and the church respond? Leading Latino-American biblical scholar M. Daniel Carroll R. (Rodas) helps readers understand what the Bible says about immigration, offering accessible, nuanced, and sympathetic guidance for the church.



Five Centuries of Latina/o Social Justice, Theology, and Identity

For five hundred years, Latina/o culture and identity have been shaped by their challenges to the religious, socio-economic, and political status quo, whether in opposition to Spanish colonialism, Latin American dictatorships, US imperialism in Central America, the oppression of farmworkers, or the current exploitation of undocumented immigrants. Christianity has played a significant role in that movement at every stage.



Immigrants, the Bible, and the Journey to Belong

Here is a riveting story of seeking safety in another land. Here is a gripping journey of loss, alienation, and belonging. In The God Who Sees, immigration advocate Karen Gonzalez recounts her family’s migration from the instability of Guatemala to making a new life in Los Angeles and the suburbs of south Florida. In the midst of language barriers, cultural misunderstandings, and the tremendous pressure to assimilate, Gonzalez encounters Christ through a campus ministry program and begins to follow him.



Immigration Reform and the Waning of Mainline Protestantism

Open Hearts, Closed Doors uncovers the largely overlooked role that liberal Protestants played in fostering cultural diversity in America and pushing for new immigration laws during the forty years following the passage of the restrictive Immigration Act of 1924. These efforts resulted in the complete reshaping of the US cultural and religious landscape.



Context and Creativity in the Latinx Diaspora

João Chaves offers an account of the dynamics that shape the role of immigrant churches in the United States. Migrational Religion acts as a case study of a network formed by communities of Brazilian immigrants who, although affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, formed a distinctive ethnic association. Their churches began to appear in the United States in the 1980s due to Brazilian Baptist missionary activity. As Brazilian migration increased in the last decades of the twentieth century, hundreds of Brazilian evangelical churches were founded to cater to first-generation immigrants. Initially their leaders conceived of these churches as extensions of their denomination in Brazil. However, these church communities were under constant pressure to adapt to their rapidly changing context, and the challenges of immigrant living pushed them in exciting new directions.


Stories of Hope Along the San Diego Tijuana Border

Seth David Clark tells the powerful story of how the Border Church, founded and pastored by John Fanestil, worships on the San Diego–Tijuana border without a building. Every Sunday afternoon the author, who serves as the U.S.-side pastoral coordinator of the church, gathers with people of good will from both sides of the border at Friendship Park to build the kingdom of God. Their love of Christ is exhibited through celebrating communion, singing, and using their pinkies to pass the peace through the mesh metal walls between the U.S. and Mexico. Readers will get to know this remarkable international church community—and its distinctive expressions of theology, justice, righteousness, and love—through the eyes of active participants.

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A Theological Vision for the People of God

This book seeks to transform the narrative of immigration by approaching it from the larger lens of human migration. By exploring the theme of human migration throughout the grand narrative of Scripture, this resource sets forth a theological vision for understanding migration from a Biblical-theological perspective. This book serves as an accessible and educational guide for pastors, church leaders, and parishioners to better understand what the Bible says about God’s heart towards people on the move and how these truths can be applied in our modern world.



Centering Immigrants in Our Christian Response to Immigration

A Guatemalan immigrant, González draws from the Bible and her own experiences to examine why the traditional approach to immigration ministries and activism is at best incomplete and at worst harmful. By advocating for putting immigrants in the center of the conversation, González helps readers grow in discipleship and recognize themselves in their immigrant neighbors.



Conversations with Immigrant Families

Conversations on immigration are more often politicized than humanized. This unique resource brings human realities to life as it invites the reader to eavesdrop on fictionalized* conversations between immigrant parents, their children, and their caregivers. Both warm and practical, Listen to the Children offers unique insight into the emotions and perceptions of immigrant families.

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Discovering Your Identity as Foreigners on Earth

What is my purpose? Why do I exist? A sense of self and belonging are two questions many of us struggle to answer. And what if you are a foreigner in another land? How does one adjust to a new culture or discover their place in a new society? Explore the intersection between culture, identity, and faith in this new release from an earthly immigrant who gained a spiritual perspective.


Start With Welcome

The Journey Toward a Confident and Compassionate Immigration Conversation

As Christians we're supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves. But we can't stop wondering if we showed welcome to the world, would it change our culture? Would it make us less safe? Would it be a drain on our taxes and local communities? Whether we realize it or not, our fears have trumped our faith. We fear those who seek a new life in our midst. Get ready to dive into the whole of scripture to better understand what God calls us to do concerning immigrants and refugees.

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