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Photo Gallery for MCC 2023!

Sad you missed our
2023 conference?

Livestream Recordings are Now Available for Purchase!

Donate $15 to the link below and get access to the following MCC 2023 session recordings:

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Are you curious about what the Bible says
about (im)migrants and (

Join us for our annual conference as we explore God's heart through the stories of migration at the Christian Scriptures, and apply God's Word to the stories of (im)migrants in our world today. 

2024 conference details to come!

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What others are saying!

"Fresh wind word of God. That is Mygration Christian Conference. From the speakers to the stories to the curation of the conference, every aspect offers revelation on God's heart that's woven throughout the stories of scripture and the stories of our lives. This Conference offers a fresh wind word of God that is deeply needed in a world where the stories of migrant people are marginalized. By centering the stories from margins, this Conference offers an opportunity for all of us to be empowered in our own mygration stories."
SRGautier Pic_edited.jpg

Rev. Sarah Gautier 

Pastor, Living Stones Church

East Boston, MA

Mygration Christian Conference is for you if...

1. You are tired of polarizing conversations on immigration. We seek to transform the narrative of (im)migration by beginning with the Bible rather than politics. By doing so, our hope to teach Christians how to have healthier conversations on (im)migration in light of God's Word. 

2. You have a desire to faithfully serve immigrants in your community. We will provide you with the tools and resources that are necessary to begin positively and proactively addressing the spiritual and social needs that immigrant communities face on a daily basis.

3. You want to join a movement of Christians who are passionate about loving God & neighbor. We believe that the gospel can transform not only individuals, but also a society. Therefore, our hope is to work together share the good news of the Jesus Christ in word and deed. 

Meet your Hosts


First up to the left is Daniel, Founder & Director of Mygration Christian Conference. To his right is Paula, our Photographer & Marketing Coordinator. Next is Ivette, our Logistics Coordinator. Finally we have Sarah, our Sponsorship Coordinator.

We host this conference for the purpose of empowering YOU to better serve your (im)migrant neighbors in your church and local community!

Become a Sponsor

Would you like to partner with us by sponsoring our event? Click on our sponsor form below to see how you can get involved and feature your organization at our 2024 conference.

Our Sponsors

A special thanks to the following organizations who partnered with us as sponsors for our 2023 conference.

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